Modern Technology with all its advanced applications used through internet like the social media – Facebook , Twitter , Instagram , emails …. Etc is considered as an important factor in the success stations of the whole humanity in the presence of this huge exchange of information, data and news on all over the globe.

Modern Technology has allowed many opportunities for people including the exchange of information and news on the internet and the direct real interaction in addition to getting the information and data easily and quickly.

For instance, a person living in a non-stable area full of wars, violence and other events could have photos and clips for these events and send them to people all over the world.

Internet also fulfilled the needs of researchers looking for information and data of all types like scientific, literary … etc and it has helped those interested to know more about other cultures, nations, civilizations and the exchange of knowledge.

What is noticed currently about the relations between individuals is the extensive usage of the modern technology tools and applications to send messages of any kind, to the extent that they do not mostly communicate directly through the normal ways (face to face) but instead , they use modern means of communication through the internet, mobile and others.

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Engr. Abdullah Saeed Almobty